Writing Out on a Limb

When is the last time you searched and searched for some
elusive bit of information online, that article that speaks
directly to you, that ebook that you would save to your
desktop because of the wealth of information it contained. I
have searched and found a few of these myself. You know what
I discovered. I was searching for someone to tell me that
the ideas I already had possessed some validity.

I am not saying that everything you search for falls in this
category, but a lot of it might. Why do this? Low self
esteem? Herd mentality? A feeling of belonging? Do you
really need someone else to tell you that your thoughts have
credibility before you can think them? What about your
bookshelves? Are they full of books by authors that think as
you do? Are you reading to learn or to feel better about

My suggestion: the next time you can’t find what you are
searching for, analyze why you are doing it. If you are
searching for like minds, stop searching, go out on a limb,
and start writing. Have faith in the products of your mind.
Why? Because I guarantee that no matter how absurd your
ideas seem to you, there are at least a few thousand people
online searching for the same thing. You can reach them and
if you are the first, you will have customers for life. They
will love you for thinking like them and having the nerve to
put your thoughts down in words. Or you can write the next
product on becoming an information millionaire and compete
with everyone else and have your customers jump ship because
your competitors are selling their products for less than
yours this week. It’s your choice.

I have almost started rating the publishing potential of
articles I write by what I call the “cringe factor.” If I
cringe at the thought of someone else reading what I have
written, it has possibilities. If I think of sending it to
the recycle bin because I have never met anyone with a
similar point of view, I resist the urge and send it out. I
am not talking about the quality of the prose. You still
have to write good, solid paragraphs. I am speaking of
exposing your mind to others. If you can do this, those
people you reach will flock to your web site in search for
more. They will e-mail with thanks for stating what they had
been thinking. How do I know this? It has happened to me.

So start writing your article or ebook. Make sure its
grammatically sound. And then send it out to a hungry
audience before you can delete it from your hard drive.
Trust your ideas and your readers will find you.

Source: cineoculto.com